Terms of use of the online store


1.1. The Terms of Use of the Internet Store (hereinafter - the Terms), determine the procedure for the use of the online store of the limited liability company "DUDU ligzdas" www.dudu.lv (hereinafter - the e-store).
1.2. The seller is a limited liability company with a great feeling of rest company "DUDU ligzdas", registration no. 44103094689, legal address: "Dārznieki", Liepupes parish, Salacgrivas county, LV-4022 (hereinafter - the Seller).
1.3. For the purposes of these Terms, the Buyer is an able-bodied natural person or a legal person who orders goods in the e-shop.
1.4. If the Buyer places an order, it is presumed that the Buyer has read the Terms and agrees to them without objection.
1.5 A Distance Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) is concluded between the Seller and the Buyer who places an order in the e-shop. The Agreement enters into force at the moment when the Buyer has placed the order using means of distance communication and has received confirmation from the Seller about the order placed by e-mail. The contract is valid until its full performance, ie until the order is paid for and the goods are delivered. The provisions of this paragraph apply to all orders and purchases made in the e-store.
1.6 The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally make amendments to the Terms without prior notice by publishing them on www.dudu.lv.
1.7. The Terms and Conditions that were in force at the time of placing the order are applied to the order made by the Buyer.
1.8. Prices in the e-shop are indicated in euros without VAT, because SIA is not a VAT payer. The price of the goods does not include the cost of delivery of the goods.
1.9. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the offer of goods, prices, as well as to apply discounts to the goods without prior notice. The goods are sold at the prices valid at the time of ordering.
1.10. The goods shown in the images in the e-shop may differ from the goods shown in the images in terms of their color, size, shape or other parameters in nature. The images are for information only.


2.1. Both registered and unregistered users can place orders in the e-shop. If the customer creates his user account in the e-shop, the customer has the opportunity to join the e-shop by logging in.
2.2. To purchase goods in the e-shop, you need to perform the following steps:
2.2.1. select an item (or items) by adding them to the "Shopping Cart",
2.2.2. after placing all selected items in the "Shopping Cart", press "Place an order";
2.2.3. after filling in all the required data fields, press "Continue order payment". The purchase price must be paid in full in the form of non-cash payments.
2.3. Payment for the purchase is possible in the following non-cash payment methods:
2.3.1. With the help of Internet banking - Bank-link service (not yet available);
2.3.2. with Visa and / or MasterCard payment card at the time of delivery;
2.4. The Seller has the right to refuse to sell the goods ordered by the e-store, informing the Buyer, if:
2.4.1. The product is no longer available in the Seller's warehouse, or is not available in the quantity in which the Buyer wishes to purchase it;
2.4.2. due to technical reasons, the price and / or parameters of the product indicated in the e-shop do not correspond to the actual price and / or parameters of the product;
2.4.3. The buyer has not read the e-shop Terms.
2.5. Receipt of payments made via Bank-link is provided by EVP International, registered under number 300060819, legal address: Mėnulio 7, Vilnius, LT-04326, Lithuania. EVP International is considered a third party in the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller. EVP International and / or the relevant institution, which is entitled to provide non-cash payment services, is responsible for the processing of the Buyer's data in accordance with the regulatory enactments regulating the protection of personal data and data security.
2.6. The order is payable immediately. The order is considered submitted when the payment has been made.
2.7. The order is considered binding on the Buyer and the Seller at the moment when the Buyer has placed the order and has received confirmation from the Seller by e-mail. An e-mail is considered to have been received on the same day as it was sent.
2.8. The buyer is obliged to check the information and data specified in the order. In case of discrepancy of information and / or data, the Buyer informs the Seller using the e-shop e-mail address - veikals@dudu.lv.


3.1. When ordering in the e-store, the Buyer can choose one of the following delivery methods:
3.1.1. delivery via DB Schenker (not yet available);
3.1.2. delivery via SIA "Latvijas Pasts" and its couriers;
3.1.3. receipt of the goods upon arrival in person at the warehouse at the address "Dārznieki", Liepupes parish, Salacgrivas county, LV-4022. Phone: +371 25149545.
3.2. Delivery terms and their costs vary according to the type of delivery and place of delivery chosen by the buyer.
3.3. Delivery of goods is made to the Buyer's address specified in the order.